Cookery Classes

Dima's Kitchen offers cookery classes in a fun and relaxed environment. As an associate chef / tutor at Kitchen School in Birmingham, I have taught the basis of Indian cooking and guided our guests to prepare scrumptious meals for themselves. 
Unlike formal cookery lessons, we ask the participants to experiment with flavours and cooking methods, so the small groups make the same dish but slightly differently and compare tastes.  This way, they take back the method that suits them rather than stick to a strict cooking regime. 
Participants have booked birthday parties, Hen Nights, and reunions with cookery classes as an alternative fun evening (with drinks flowing) and eating meals made with their own fair hands rather than a sit down meal at a restaurant. 
Particularly fun and inspiring was a birthday party for teenage girls! Among the shrieks of fun and giggles, I was inspired by their enthusiasm and commitment to learning. Things became quite competitive towards the end of the evening with challenges on how hot they could make the curries and which was the best. From cutting up raw chicken for the first time in their lives to finding out about new vegetables they had never seen before, this was a particularly rewarding evening with the birthday girl saying it was the best party ever! 
Cooking Clubs 
I am offering our own version of the popular TV programme 'The Box' hosted by James Martin. Participants will bring along whatever they have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard and the challenge will be to prepare a healthy family meal with some staple additional ingredients. 
This is the way we normally cook our daily meals, looking to see what we already have and concocting something from those ingredients. The purpose of these clubs is to inspire people to cook adventurous and healthy meals concentrating on for example particular food dislikes and seeing how cooking them differently can change the taste. 
Also at these clubs we will be giving tips on shortcuts and inexpensive equipment which will save time and effort to create delicious meals for the family. 
Dima's Kitchen is particularly proud of its catering arm of the business from catering for small gathering of friends to a forthcoming conference. We offer a tailor made menu to suit all tastes and dietary requirements even if this means making a separate meal for one guest. We have been particularly praised for this flexibility and commitment to making sure everybody can enjoy the meal. 
Our pricing structure is based on the ingredients and complexity of making a dish but we discuss this with you up front. For example, one commission asked that we source organic meat and wherever possible Fairtrade ingredients. These would be more expensive but we went directly to the source trader to keep costs down while not compromising on the requirements. Similarly, some things even with cheaper ingredients take an age to make, for example our famous Arancini balls and our pricing reflects that. 
We have had enquiries about specialty catering and our 'Twisted' Indian food is a particular attraction as an alternative to the usual restaurant type catering. People want their guests to go away talking about the food and this is what we aim to do! 
Although our specialty is Indian food, we can also cater for other types of cuisine. Even then, you will taste the home cooking and unique tastes.
Tasty food for your freezer
We are keen to expand this service for busy people who get home too late to cook a healthy meal or simply order a takeaway. Why not select from our select menu each week, dishes you can freeze, take out and microwave or heat in the oven or stovetop? 
This is service couod be useful also for older people who like home cooked meals but may be too frail to cook for themselves. 
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